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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Baby's First Portraits

Above Snuggling with Mama Maryland.

Right Somerset (Female. Dark Calico)

Above Kent (Female. Golden Brown Tabby)

Right Anne Arrundel "Annie" (Female. Light Calico)

Left Kent (Female. Brown Tabby, White Face)

Right Prince George (Male, White with Black Spots)

Left Montgomery (Male, Brown Tabby with White)

Enjoy the photos! More to come tommorrow. Meanwhile for you cat people...you know how little kitten kisses are the sweetest ever? Well I have plenty to share and must distribute them equally. Last night while nuzzling one of the older kittens, I brushed a little nose against my face. Without hesitation the kitten leaned in and latched onto my bottom lip, giving it a hopeful suckle. Any port in a storm, but OMG how sweet! Do you think this means I am a kitten mom for real?

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  1. Oh, I am slain! Your bottom lip story is just the best!! All of the babies are sooooo cute, but I'm going to need a scorecard for this superlitter!

    I always feel some silly pride when I get to know the litters of my blog buddies and don't need to read the captions to know who is who! [Well, I did say it was silly! ;-)]

  2. Jane what lovely little kittens! I'm wondering just how many are going to stay with you forever... ;)

  3. What sweet babies! We love reading about them all!

    Charlemagne and Tamar