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If you are interested in one of these kittens or other cats and dogs please go to http://www.homewardtrails.org/ and complete the application process. Once your application is approved and you have met your future buddy you will be required to have a home visit. All adopted pets must be spayed or neutered by the age of 6 months and we have a strict NO DECLAW policy. Kittens must be adopted in pairs.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Miss Caroline

This lovely girl is Miss Caroline. She is a brown tabby with white. She is long and sleek and has a very long slender tail. Miss Caroline delivered 8 healthy babies on March 10. The next day they were dropped off at the Caroline County Animal Rescue where they faced a very sad fate. The awesome folks at the shelter reached out to Homeward Trails to rescue their charges and they were genuinely pleased that we could help. We honor them by naming their girls Miss Caroline and Miss Maryland...all the resulting babies will have Maryland county names (to be determined.) Miss Caroline is an incredibly trusting cat...especially for a queen (mama cat with kittens). She allowed me to handle her and her babies right away. She accepted the nest I created for her and hasn't moved the babies at all! She is calm and generous with her litter and seems to trust that I mean to help her raise her babies. Miss Caroline needs to put on some weight...octuplets can take it out of a girl! She is eating well and gratefully eats off a spoon when I offer it to her as she nurses the brood (breakfast in bed.) She will soon need help supplementing her nursing and I am prepared with bottles and KMR (reconstituted kitten milk formula.) This gentle mama cat is sharing the kitten room with her sister Miss Maryland and she allows her sister to peak into the nest box and even lets her sleep on the cover of the nest with her face inches away (picture to follow soon.) How sweet. It is unusual to raise two litters together like this. Ordinarily we would quarantine them, but these circumstances were unusual, the girls were bonded, and it seemed right!

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