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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday Weights

I have supplemented Miss Caroline's and Miss Maryland's nursing. While I didn't want to start too soon, I really don't want to get behind in weights. So the little ones are taking some supplementation feeding and then topping off with mama's milk. The human helper in this picture is a friend...thanks Kathy!

Weights as of Sunday night:

Miss Caroline's Kids
Somerset (dark calico) F 7 1/4
Anne Arrundel (lt calico) F 6 1/4
Prince George (white, black spots) M 6 7/8
Montgomery (tabby, white) M 7 3/8
Talbot (golden brown tabby) F 8 1/8
Cecil (brown tabby) 7
Kent (brown tabby, white face) 7 1/4
Carroll (brown tabby, white feet) 7 3/4

Miss Maryland's Kids
Garrett (orange, white face) 3 7/8
Frederick (golden brown tabby) 3 1/4
Allegheny "Ally" (tortie) F 3 5/8
Howard (black, white tummy) M 3 7/8
Wicomico (orange tabby) F 3 3/4
Calvert "Cal" (orange tabby) M 4

Male or Female...it is just my "best guess as of today, don't hold me to it!


  1. Oh, how sweet! Now you just know Frederick and Kent are going to turn out to be girls, don't you? ;-)

  2. This site is a bizarrely deja vu of another site:
    Even the two mother cats look alike.

  3. At least Howard, Prince George, and Montgomery are boys!