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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Saturday Chores and Open Eyes

Saturday chores mean litter box changes, bedding refreshed, floors washed and laundry done and folded. Yeah, pretty much the everyday stuff! It also meant lots of time to sit with a cup of tea and watch the super litter. Even watching them sleep is fun. Their little pink mouths suddenly erupt into a huge yawn, or they make a silent meow, or their little feet start paddling and then they hiss! Whoa...where did that come from? So let me share with you two video clips of our day...note that nursing is a full contact sport with these guys. There is a lot of pushing and shoving and kicking and scratching. And through it all the moms remain calm and serene.

We got our first opened eyes amoung Miss Caroline's babies last night...Anne Arrundel "Annie" opened one eye and glared at me as she got her dose of antibiotics. This morning most everyone in the older litter had one or other eyes opened, at least part way. We begin to see glimpses of personality...Montgomery sleeps laying on his back, mouth open; Somerset likes to burrow under her siblings to nurse on the bottom row, PG (yup, Prince George) prefers his aunt's milk to his mom's.

Overall, I am feeling more relaxed about everyone making it through this early stage. Clearly I am still on my guard...we have many hurdles yet to come, but my observation is that Miss Caroline and Miss Maryland have things well in hand...er, paw. They will let me know when they need my help and in the meantime, I'll keep weighing everyone and getting the laundry folded.


  1. Thanks for posting the videos and for taking such good care of those beautiful mommas and their kittehs!

  2. Oh, goodness... that's just too much adorableness in one box! Open eyes!! So exciting! I know exactly what you mean about watching the kittens... they are endlessly fascinating. I would just sit for as long as I could and watch (it was probably longer than I should... but what the heck). Keeping track of 14 personalities, wow, what a challenge!!

    Jane, have you thought about uploading to YouTube (then imbedding the YT vid here)? Might give you broader exposure for your babies. :-) Glad to help get you started if you've not done it before (it's easy, really).

    Now, off the watch again! LOL!

  3. If you haven't found this blog yet - 2 mama cats (sisters) and 14 babies! You are not alone. :) http://twomamacats.com/

  4. Stacey of Two Mama Cats here... amazing! You beat me even! I "only" have 13! ;) My sisters were the same as yours when their babies were being born, helping each other.. it was awesome. We've all been sick for the past couple of weeks but the worst case is now playing and gaining weight and looking healthy so things are looking up. I'm impressed in your updates, every day! Awesome! Best of luck to your moms and 14 babies!!!

    As a tip, post some pics on Craigslist with a link to your page. I have found homes for 4 of my babies that way, people who filled out adoption applications and came to by visit and agreed to wait for 8 weeks to bring their babies home. They're GOOD homes. Awesome. Now just 9 homes to go!!!

  5. Love Kittenpalooza! Thanks for taking care of these babies and their mamas. Now, get busy! That laundry isn't going to fold itself! ;)

  6. Such a huge task... thank you so much for taking care of all these kitties!