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Monday, March 15, 2010

The Emergency Vet

The day after settling Miss Caroline and her babies into the kitten room, I weighed everyone for the second time. The tiniest kitten, the lighter colored calico "Anne Arrundel" had a problem. She had a small crusty spot on her shoulder that had now turned into a nasty abcess. It was swollen and red and about the size of the first joint of my little finger. I rushed...literally ran to the Emergency Vet. I am a lay person in terms of medical issues, but I know enough to understand that an infection like that could quickly overwhelm a tiny kitten. They lanced the abcess, drained it and flushed the infection out. She had a fever but miraculously she had gained weight and was still quite vigorous. Clavamox for ten days, careful watching, warm wet compresses and keep it clean. By the next morning the wound seemed much better. There are no guarantees, of course. Annie is the smallest kitten, but she fights her siblings for her place at the soda fountain. She is scrappy and I have high hopes. I love the calicos!
NOTE: Miss Caroline was not happy with my attempt to weigh and judge the sex of her babies. She lept up grabbed the kitten by its neck and jumped down to the nest box. I decided to respect her wishes. I took quick weights but no excessive handling. I don't want to break the trust she has in me...determining gender can wait.

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