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If you are interested in one of these kittens or other cats and dogs please go to http://www.homewardtrails.org/ and complete the application process. Once your application is approved and you have met your future buddy you will be required to have a home visit. All adopted pets must be spayed or neutered by the age of 6 months and we have a strict NO DECLAW policy. Kittens must be adopted in pairs.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Donations - Chip In

Hello all:

My sincere thanks to those of you who have made a donation to the Super Litter through Chip In. As you can imagine the expense of raising a healthy litter of this size is hefty. Food, litter, cleaning and laundry alone are budget busters. The biggest expense is the potential of veterinary bills. All Homeward Trails pets are vetted before being adopted out. These expenses are foreseeable but the onset of illness like upper respiratory illness and a variety of tummy upsets can come on quickly, go through a litter, and do much damage. Having the meds and the expertise to handle these things can become expensive. Your contributions are essential to allow us to continue to save pets like this AWESOME litter.

I understand that the Chip In widdget on the site may not be registering all of the contributioins that have been made. If you think you have made a contribution that has not registered on the Chip In widget, please let me know. If you have confirmation from Chip In and can forward that to me all the better. We will follow up and get it squared away. I have trust in Chip In and believe this to be an oversight, but one we'd like to get straight. I'll report what we find.


  1. Yep, the widget definitely isn't working. Yesterday it showed 2 for $80, today 1 for $40. Good to know it's just a glitch!

  2. Earlirt today it was 2 for $80 and now it says 3 for $180. I hoping that is correct and will verify. THANKS!(Meew!)

  3. I just donated $50 and noticed the amount has not updated. Please let me know if you do not receive this. I'll be happy to send you the email(s) from PayPay and Chip In.

    I found you via 50K, love your blog. Thanks for the kitten and mom updates!