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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Kitty Midwife, A Loving Sister

This short video shows an interaction which I believe to be unique in the animal world. It shows sister cats, one actively helping the other to deliver her litter of kittens. Miss Caroline had her babies one week ago. Her sister, Miss Maryland, went into labor in the wee hours last night. She insisted on having her babies in her sister's nest box. Her sister dutifully acted as midwife. Lots of licking and purring and some panting goes on. Miss Caroline licked her sister, breaking her water and ultimately licking the newly born kittens to break their sacs and stimulate their breathing. She even chewed the umbilical chords and helped Miss Maryland to eat the placentas (yeah, I know, yuck!). In between arrivals the two sisters took naps together collecting their strength and keeping the tiny kittens warm and nursing. The one week old kittens joined the crowd and by morning all fourteen were happily nursing wherever they could regardless of mother of origin. It was an AMAZING night!


  1. Hi Jane! Just popped over here from 50K. I'm looking forward to getting to know you and yours! (On lunch break hear at work so I'll enjoy a leisurly stroll through the posts this evening!) That is an amazing video and an amazing story!!

  2. Oh my gosh, we saw you both ath 50K and at Hubble Space Paws - the story is just so amazing. And it is so wonderful that you are helping so many new babies!

  3. Love these kittens! here is another blog with two mama cats and two litters, http://twomamacats.com/

    I've read from other kitten rescue blogs that KMR is toxic! Check with the nice lady at Two Mama Cats, she can help you out on what to feed them.

    Check with October 5, 2009 Petag finally publicly admits on their company website that their KMR kitten formula is bad and should not be used. This is after months of complaints and many dead kittens. They finally release "KMR Powder Update."

    As per Petag, "Recently, a limited number of KMR powder users have experienced product producing an off odor. Normally, the product exhibits a faint "milky" smell. It has been determined that some packaged KMR powder may have been exposed to excessive heat outside the manufacturing process. 

    Do not use the product if it has an off odor. Please contact PetAg Technical Services at 800-323-0877 and provide all of the information printed on the bottom of the can. For any bagged product, you can find the information on the sticker near the UPC on the back of the bag. This will provide production and tracking information for further analysis. Replacement KMR product will be sent, following contact with Technical Services. Liquid KMR products have exhibited no impact from heat stress.

  4. Lisa said we had to see the cuteness, boy was she right!

  5. They are very, VERY cute...looking for more updates! Millicent

  6. Im here from Hubble too and sending LOVE and adoration and "mazel tovs"! My precious and cherished Evangeline had been brought to our shelter with her sister and seven kittens, co-nursing (the shelter had no idea who was whose mama!) The kittens found homes quickly (don't they always?) and Evangeline and her sister went to different homes on the same day. Being as we're likely all "cat people" here, let me say - my most earnest belief is that a house without a cat has no soul. My Evangeline is my "familiar", my adored - and our other kitty, Lilliane, belongs to my husband. They don't cuddle together, but co-exist; still each of us has our darling. I'll be back, I'm so EXCITED for you! Bless your tender hearts!

  7. Wow, that sounds like it WAS amazing!! What a great experience to see.
    I'm coming over from both 50Kittens and Space Paws too - Nice to meet you! Congratulations with all the babies. Good luck with everything! Gonna keep checking in to see how things are progressing :)
    (PS: jstar is right to look into that info - I actually made a post about the KMR myself today)

  8. We got tipped off to this wonderful story through Hubble Space Paws. So sweet! Mother cats and their kittens are so amazing.

  9. Another visitor via SpacePaws. Your posts and photos are wonderful ~ not to mention your many charges! I'm linking your blog to mine and will be back to check on progress.

    Thank you for sharing this adventure with us!