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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Playtime and Tummy Rubs

The kitten scrumb now usually includes a couple of kittens laying on their backs with paws boxing and feet kicking. Sometime this becomes a group activity when it leads to some adorable play fights.

Note that even at this tender age the kittens have learned to groom themselves and their litter mates. I have seen one kitten fast asleep while sucking on his paw...no camera at that moment of course.

Everyone is healthy (knock wood) gaining weight steadily, no weepy eyes, or sniffles. I am struggling to keep the mamas at a healthy weight. They are getting kitten food (for lactating moms) and canned food with NutriCal added but Miss Caroline is always very hungry. She is lean to skinny and soemtimes is desperate for something. I tired cooked chicken breast yesterday which she loved but I haven't seen any difference in her hunger level. Suggestions anyone?


  1. I'm a new follower so me and my brood of 5 furevers wanted to say thank you for what you are doing!!! Your kittens are just the smoochiest little lovebugs! I love the pool/nest! Petey, Jack Spunky, Tabitha Star and Madison Larue asked Mommy to donate to Kittenpalooza, so we sent a little something your way via paypal!

  2. :thunk:
    Kitteh bellies!! Gotta love 'em! Great videos! Glad to hear all the good news about the babies.

    It seemed like my mamas were all hungry, all of the time! And I've read it's normal for them to loose weight during lactation (which they did).

    They all pulled through fine, though, on free feeding premium dry kitten food (made sure the bowl was always full) and fresh water, of course. I supplemented with good quality wet 3x/day (3oz at a time)... am before I went to work, when I got home and before bed. I also provided about 1/8-1/4 cup milk substitute at those same feedings to encourage more moisture consumption.

  3. Maybe a little extra fat? Like dark meat chicken or salmon?