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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Allie and Annie have been called home with Somerset

It has been a very sad day today in Kittenpalooza Land. Our fiesty Annie and her "Ewok" sidekick Allie joined their sister Somerset in Kitty Heaven. Annie was the first to show signs of illness, and was rushed to the Emergency Vet for immediate care. The vet and their staff lovingly tried to save her, but there was nothing they could do. Annie tested positive for the Parvovirus also known as "Kitty Distemper." She passed peacefully away in the early afternoon.

At home, Allie began to show signs of the same illness. Mommy Jane, Auntie Nancy (writing today's entry), and Nannie Alice set up a KICU (kitten intesive care unit) to care for our baby Allie. She was a real trooper to the end, but the virus was too much for her to conquer. She took her last kitty breaths cuddled in Mommy Jane's gentle, loving hands. We all cried as we wished Allie a safe trip home to join Annie and Somerset. Our baby, swaddled in pink tissue paper and wrapped in pink silk bows, was laid to rest in the garden. We cried some more.

Although their kitty lives were short, all three of these babies were loved and cherished. They brought joy and laughter to all who met them. We will remember Somerset for her boundless energy and robust stature as the biggest kitty in the Kittenpalooza litter. Annie was the fiesty one who liked to do EVERYTHING first. First to eat solid food, first to use the cat box, first to climb the stairs. You will all remember that it was Annie who had the shoulder abcess and was also the first of the kitties to visit the vet. Ms. Spunky could hold her own!! Allie (Alleghany) was the only long haired baby in the bunch. She always looked a little dishieveled, but knew what she wanted and got it too. Like her sister litter mates, Allie was a ball of energy, playful, and very mischievious. They all touched our hearts and we are grateful for the time they spent as part of our family.

Parvovirus is a very serious illness that can wipe out a litter very quickly. Populations of cats in parts of the world have been known to be wiped out by this virus too. Fortunately, all of the rest of the kitties were immediately vaccinated after Allie and Annie died. This was to be vaccination week for the entire litter. We are hopeful that the remaining kitties and their mommies will be okay. Your thoughts and prayers would be greatly appreciated as we keep a watchful and vigilant eye on the group. Please, please remember that it is vitally important that you vaccinate your own feline family against this potentially devastating virus. Distemper is preventable!! Vaccination is the key. Just so you know, the feline house staff (Sophie, Gus, Harry, and Leo) are all up to date on the vaccinations.

Allie, Annie, and Somerset: We love you. We miss you. We wish you a safe voyage home!!!


  1. I'm so very sorry for your loss...

  2. Safe journey, darling kittens. Our sympathies on your loss...we will be purring for the continued health of the rest if the kittens.
    xx Lounge Kats

  3. Oh, no! I am so sorry. They're just so little and delicate, aren't they? I can't imagine how hard it must be for you, caring for them every day and loving them so. Hugs and purrs from me and my furbabies.

  4. Blessings on you - Meg's right, wee kitties are fragile, and you have the contentment of knowing that they enjoyed their little lives in comfort and ease. I'm sure many of us have big kitties on the Other Side who were waiting to show them the Wonders......and yes, much purraying going on here for the rest of the lot.

  5. I'm so very sorry to hear this.. :(:(
    We can see that each of these little sweethearts had a good life with you. Your care for them was, and is, so great. It's so sad that there is not much help towards something horrible like Parvo... and I know it must be so hard to see them succumb to it.
    They will be happy together romping around with Somerset in Rainbow Bridge. <3
    Take care - you are doing great work.

  6. I'm so sorry. The babies had the best life possible, though, and know that you did everything you could -- sometimes these little babies are just too fragile. My Emily sends her purrs to the rest of the babies, and to you for giving the babies such a love-filled life.

  7. I'm so sorry, Jane. ::hugs::

  8. I'm so so sorry. Many hugs and loving thoughts coming your way.

  9. Very sad news, I'm so sorry.

  10. We're so sorry to hear the news. Sending our thoughts from the other coast to you and your little ones.

  11. Dear Kittenpalooza Care Team,

    I have tuned in every day, sometimes multiple times a day, from the first day the momma cats and kittens arrived.

    I have watched, with wonder and awe, the joyful mysteries of life, unfolding before my very eyes...

    And today, I have once again been reminded, that "I am not in control"...no matter how much I think I am...

    I learned on Wikipedia that..."Of kittens affected with this awful disease, that are two months or less of age, 95% die regardless of treatment."

    This disease is extremely virulent and dangerous and can take a little kitten in less than 24 hours...no matter how hard we try to care for it...

    Another reminder of just how precious "life" is...

    To all of Kittenpalooza Care Team, thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for all that you have done, and for all that you continue to do, to care for the weakest and most fragile among us...these beautiful felines...

    I am not sure if you are "spiritually" inclined, but just in case...

    "May the Lord bless you and keep you...may the Lord look upon you with favor...and give you peace...amen"

  12. We're so sorry to hear that little Annie, Allie and Somerset have gone to the Rainbow Bridge. Such sweet little angels - we like to think they are surrounded by lots of loving companions to play and cuddle with.

    Sending purrs,
    Charlemagne and Tamar

  13. So sorry to hear this. I hope you are coping okay and that the others remain healthy.

    Thanks to you, they were loved their entire lives.


  14. How heartbreaking, Jane. Please know that you did everything you could, and because of you these precious beings knew love from the moment they were born until they passed.

    I am praying that the other kittens stay healthy, and that in the midst of this sadness, you find peace.

  15. I am so sorry to hear Annie and Allie have also passed. Jane, Nancy and Alice, know so many of us have you and your babies in our thoughts and prayers.

  16. I'm so very sorry that Allie and Annie were called home. However, I am thankful that they got to spend their lives with you, and experience only love, care and kindness.
    Purrs and (((hugs)))

  17. It's sad to say goodbye to members of this special little blended family. For homeless kitties, they sure were loved, cuddled, and well fed. Not a moment of their lives should be regretted. These wonderful little fluffballs lived their brief lives as rescued cats. They learned how to follow the main momma, Jane, how to climb on things, how to hiss, how to use a litter box, how to purr, how to snuggle up tight, how to play, and how to cat nap!

    Big hug, Jane. Stay strong.

  18. Dear Jane,

    Reading the many posts tonight, it is clear that the work you're doing has not only given these beautiful kittens an experience of a brave, valiant Mother, but that you and this little brood have touched countless other souls.

    Over the past couple of days, it has occurred to me that these kittens experienced the very best of love, care and generosity of spirit in having you as their Mom. This loss is, I'm sure, profound. But I hoping that there is peace somewhere in this for you and that there will be happier, healthier days ahead for the little ones.

    You, your Mom and Nancy are in my thoughts and prayers.


  19. I'm so sorry for this. Although they did not have a lot of time here, at least all they knew was love here. They were lucky to have you and your help in giving them a fighting chance. Please know that your efforts are so appreciated.

  20. I'm so sorry ! I've had panleuk kittens too - it's very hard for them to fight it off. We have had great success with Tamilflu ( human meds ) for both Feline Panleuk and Canine Parvo. You should probably give it a try. We also do fluids and Metronidizole to help their systems fight it. Good luck !!!

  21. This is so sad.

    No matter how much we realize intellecutally what little we can do for the tinies that contract panleuk, we still do all we can to help them, and to make their lives - whatever the duration - full of love and comfort.

    Blessings on you all. It's a beautiful, selfless thing you do.

  22. We're so sorry. It doesn't take long for them to find a place in your heart.

  23. I'm ever so sorry for your loss, rest in peace little one.

  24. I send my sympathy and good thoughts to you as well. Play well with dear Somerset across the Rainbow Bridge, little darlings.

  25. We are so sorry to hear about the kittens going over the bridge. You have our prayers that the remaining kitten will remain healthy and strong.

  26. My sisters and I are so very sorry to hear the sad news. We send our purrs and purrs and purrs to you and the rest of the beautiful family. We know they sure were loved because we can feel the love clear over here.

  27. We're sorry! They were so adorable. Sometimes the world is just too hard for these little ones.
    My vet knows my cats are indoor-only, so she doesn't overvaccinate. Clearly if I were to ever begin to foster, I would need to up their shots!

  28. Jane, we are so sorry. We've been through it at 50kittens and know how tough it is. Lots of positive vibes going your way and hoping that the rest of the bunch stays healthy.

  29. We are so sorry for the loss of those two little purrecious kitties. We came from Space Paws as soon as we heard. We know they were greeted at The Bridge with open paws from all who have passed and they must look darling with their little Angel wings.

    Fly Free Little Ones, Fly Free...

  30. I'm so sorry for your heartbreaking loss. Precious little babies... They were blessed to have a wonderful foster Mom like you. It is a testament to your care and love that any of the kittens and Moms have survived. My heart goes out to you and my prayers are with you.

    I've had to deal with parvo (FPK) and know how extremely resistant and highly deadly it is. The virus can even survive for incredible lengths of time in the enviro. Sometimes regular disinfectants won't even kill it. I encourage everyone reading this blog to get your cats vaccinated. Maybe this can be a lasting legacy for Jane's beautiful little babies.

    Jane - you are an angel. Thank you for taking such extraordinary care of these fur babies. You are an inspiration.