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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Here is Your Clue!





These pictures were taken over a five minute period. One by one the kids put themselves to bed in the kitty cup. Isn't it delicious that they can do so with such abandon?

I've been asked for close-up photos. Let's make it a kitten puzzle. Kitten descriptions are included in this blog early on...and I will make a donation on behalf of the first person to get the "Kitten of the Day" correct. Ready, set...GO!

This kitten kind of looks like Yoda. Can you guess who it is?


  1. Hi Jane...I check the kittens morning and night...this is my check the babies after work visit....is it Howard??

  2. p.s...how are the Mommys doing? Has Caroline redeemed herself??

  3. You got it right Millicent that is indeed Howard! I will make today's donation on your behalf. We will be remembering your recently los fur baby.

  4. Go, Millicent... with the suggestion and the first right guess! And go Jane... very fun contest and doin' good, too!

  5. p.s. EMAIL ME! :)
    estacey AT gmail DOT com