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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hey, Who's the New Kid?

Annie wants to know who the new kid is and how did he get in here. No one else seems to care. I don't mind he doesn't eat much.
Michigoose guessed Friday's kitten of the day correctly. It was our Garrett, a gorgeous deep red tabby with white boy. Garrett is one of the younger kittens and loves to cuddle in my neck.

Let's catch up on milestones. Annie was our first baby to go up and down the stairs. Poor baby girl going down the stairs was kind of traumatic. She worried over the big drop, but true to form she just went for it...unfortuneately her backside had greater momentum than she bargained for and she sommersaulted down several steps. Once we both caught our breath, our intrepid Annie tried again...and this time she very carefully controlled her bottom half, and successfully managed the stairs. The next day Annie led a group of kitties up the stairs...that herding thing, one leads and the others all follow. The group did a few steps each, but our Annie made it all the way up the hill. She was just about to gloat, when little Howard (from the younger litter) joined her at the top! Go Howie!

Kitten of the Day!
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  1. Ack, orange... *dies from cuteness* Too many oranges...

    Is it Wicomico, the little feeding kitty from a few posts down? Hard to tell due to all the food on its face... ^^;

    Wait... Wico doesn't have a weight gain on the sidebar chart. Oversight or renaming?

  2. Good for you, Annie! Stairs are hard for little humans too. Impressive skill you've mastered.

  3. Yes, Ledicat...it is Wicomico. The missing weigt must be an oversight. I hoped that the pink collar would tip you off that this was our orange girl. You got it! Cheers!

  4. Yay, ledicat!

    And, awwwww... poor little Annie... a tough initiation, but she persevered! And congrats to Howie, too!

    Do you think they were thinking this? :-)


    Another week and it'll be stair races! :-)

  5. Woot! Thankyou Jane ^^

    She's absolutely adorable, and makes me wish I could have a kitty down here in Aussieland (I rent, alas). I try to make up for it by reading at least six foster/cat blogs per day for my daily dose of feline cuteness.

  6. Ha! Li'l Annie is giving you the stink-eye!!