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Sunday, April 11, 2010

How Many Kittens?

How many kittens can you find in this pile of napping kitties? Extra points if you can name them! And just to help you out below is some video of the nap...I could spend hours watching sleeping kittens. The kittens' godmother (OK fairy godmother) Stephanie, and her mom, Catherine, spent a good visit watching them with me on Sunday. The kids are eating from a plate/bowl so no more spoon feeding! They are playing with toys and very ready to be out of the kitty pool. I am reluctant but they have already figured out ways to climb out so the day is coming soon.


  1. OMG! Head 'splodin' cuteness! I think I count 12 (not 'cause of the video with your escapee)... so I'll guess 12!

    I'm wrong and it's all of them, right? And, no, I can't tell them apart without a scorecard! LOL!

  2. How cute this is!! I'm loving it - I rush to the site each day to see how they're progressing. What a bundle of sweetness! Jane, can we get some individual face shots now that they're a little older??