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Friday, April 2, 2010

The Staff Cats

The staff cats need equal time...well at least an introduction. I am very fortunate to have a house staff of extremely accepting and tolerant cats. Their job is to teach the babies about cat socialization (particularly when we have kittens with no mamas.)

Our home pride of felines consists of the elder statescat, "Sophie" a Norwegian Forest Cat. Sophie is elegant, dainty and always a lady (except when she tries to escape out the front door and then I call her a hussy.) Next we have big Leo, a red tabby Maine Coon cat of considerable size and stature. Leo is a lover kitty but only on his own terms. He divides his time equally between the human residents of the household, sleeping one night with one and then switching the following night to ensure equal time. Then along came our big goofy Gus. Gus is also a Maine Coon of considerable size but he is the clumsiest cat I have ever known. He just doesn't understand that his legs are so long and the swish of his tail so deadly. He is a black smoke with white and the white marking on his muzzle makes it look like he has been drinking milk out of the pitcher (which he probably has been doing.) Finally there is Harry, our foster failure. Harry came into my home for an overnight and ended up part of the household staff. He, too, is a red head and has medium length hair but none of the size of the Maine Coon boys.
Harry, as the house diplomat, is the first to meet the newcomers. As soon as we have passed some quarantine time for the babies Harry is busy breaking into the kitten room trying to scarf up the good food that the mama cats have (it’s a grass is greener thing...he gets the same stuff.) He is careful not to stick his head into the nest as he knows from experience that "Mama don't play that." But his constant presence eventually gains familiarity and soon the mamas are willing to have him babysit. Remember that big awkward 13 year old cousin at family reunions who would rather play with the little kids than the kids his own age, “Come on, I’ll show you how to climb the cat tree…like this see…” That’s our Cousin Harry. Uncle Gus and Uncle Leo are all about the naps. Their long silky fur is irresistible to the babies who will cuddle into them and root around looking for a handy nipple. Oops! Better try Cousin Harry, he doesn’t mind. Sophie has little or no contact with the babies but she has befriended the moms and as long as no one takes her favorite sleeping spot (a shoebox on my dresser) she is happy to share her home with an endless loop of kittens. I couldn’t do this kitten thing without a house full of obliging cats…thanks guys, extra head butts all around.


  1. Oh, so very good to meet you Sophie, Leo, Gus and Harry!! It's awesome that you are so good with the mammaless kittens! Thanks for helping Jane with them... it's clear she appreciates it very much!

  2. What lovely introductions! Lucky you -- I think part of the reason we haven't gotten our own kitties is that we're not sure if we'd be able to continue fostering (hard to predict which kitties will be tolerant of others). But maybe someday we'll find the right one(s) who won't have trouble being kitty ambassadors ...

  3. What great kitties you all are! You all have different roles to help the foster kitties.

    It's so nice to meet you!

    Charlemagne and Tamar