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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Can we play?

Yes, we can play! The super litter has accomplished more milestones today. They play! This is without a doubt activity just for fun. Play attack mama's tail, rumble with a few of your siblings and king of the hill using my folded legs as the hill. Take a look and enjoy. Tommorrow I will share pictures of their first time eating food. I need help for that one...I already have Gerber's Baby Food Chicken smeared all over my iPhone.

News Flash! We had our first kitten poops and they were in the litter box! Happy Dancing here!


  1. So good to see that Annie's all healed up and playing like the dickens!

  2. How did I miss this??? These are so sweet! Congrats on poop in the pan - that's amazing!

    You are a brave woman, Jane. Even those tiny claws can be murder on bare feet. In a couple of weeks they'll be scrambling all over Mt. St. Jane!