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Friday, April 16, 2010


Our super litter is one big bunch of happy, joyous kitties. They have the entire kitten room to explore, a cat tree to conquer and lots of kitty cups (comfy beds) to curl up into. It is pretty typical to see a group playing, some eating, somebody concentrating on toileting skills and one loney kitten catching up on a nap. Individualism may be the milestone for this week.

We seem to have already gained some benefit from the tummy meds. It may be wishful thinking on my part, but I only did one load of laundry last night so things are looking up! And most importantly, I figured out a better dosing system...catch a kitten, give it the meds and put it in the bathtub. An empty bathtub is a kitten fortress right now. That way I get to control who has been dosed. Brilliant!


So we did not have a guess for yesterday's kitten of the day. Our tabby boy with a white face (muzzle really) is Kent. Kent is from the older litter. He is a super napper and an absolute expert at fending off the siblings when mama is nursing. That boy WILL get his share. As a consequence he was not interested in eating solid food at all until Wednesday when he marched into the center of the dish and growled at everyone who got in his way. We have to work on our table manners, Kent.

The kitten of the day today is featured in these photos (and in one of the video clips). Just look at that sweet little face. And aren't those whiskers just to die for? Submit your guess and I'll make a donation in your honor through the Chip In widget.

Please enjoy the video clips below. You get a sense of the kitten room from the clips from a kitten eye level. There are lots of places to hide and things to explore. Best of all there are many, many playmates to chase and tease and fight, then when its all over nothing beats a gang nap in one of the kitty cups!


  1. I am SOOOO adicted to this...they are so sweet! The videos are priceless. You can almost hear them say... "Oh, if I move this way...I can...JUMP" and..."your tail looks like a toy, let me...POUNCE on you." Can't wait to see them again.

  2. YES! Michigoose, you got it right. The kitten of the day is Garrett! Congratulations.

  3. Oh good, Michigoose got it! I felt soooo guilty I hadn't just taken a wild guess yesterday! ;-)

    Have they "herded" on you yet, Jane? They're getting to that age. One starts running with a passel of siblings in hot pursuit? That always cracks me up! And they usually keep it up for a while, darting from one place to the next. Carpeted stairs are the best but, alas, no such conveniently outfitted structure in the Casa these days!

  4. I have to say that I just LOVE the fiercely protective looks on the mamas' faces in the right sidebar pics! They look like they are ready to mercilessly shred the arm of any bean who dares to touch the babies without getting permission first. Such sweet mamas!