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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Nom, Nom, Nom...It takes a village.

Wicomico is three weeks old today. She is a hungry girl and in this picture and video is being introduced to chicken and KMR mush. Delicious...I know, I've tasted it (and worn quite a bit!) We are introducing each kitten separately to the mixture so that we can be sure they are getting some actual nutrition (as opposed to a chickeny facial.) I had not expected the younger litter to be ready for solid food...but they surprised me. So, the task this week is to get everyone eating from a DISH nevermind this spoon feeding 14 babies. That's my mom in the picture and thank goodness she is able to share the duty with me. It takes a village to raise some kittens.

SIDE NOTE: THere was some question about the Chip In widget...it does take a day or so for each contribution to be tracked on the widget, but we are indeed getting them. Your generosity makes this all possible. To each of you who have kindly contributed...Thanks!


  1. How totally precious!!! Your mom sure has the touch - firm but gentle! (She's done this before, right? Either that or it just must come to grandmas naturally, eh?) It's wonderful that she wants to be part of the village raising these darling babies.

    Oh, boy... three more posts. Guess there is a silver lining to getting behind on one's reading! ;-)

  2. The video made my day! Thanks for taking such good care of that boatload of kittehs!!

  3. Wow, three weeks? I was just inquiring on my site about finally introducing my two boys to solids at five weeks! Good work! And good luck with the dish eating, too :)

  4. I can imagine how much you'd like not to be spoon feeding all 14 babies! Good luck and bon appetit to the kitties ...

  5. Yay! We just love seeing the kitties - they are growing so fast!

    Charlemagne and Tamar