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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Medicating Kittens and Kitten of the Day

Everyone got an initial dose of Albon last night. We are trying to beat the tummy upsets and soupy poopy syndrome before my washing machine goes on the fritz. Now that means 16 cats getting treatment every day for the next 10 days and this is a logistical nightmare. Here's how it works: bring all the kittens into the family room and 1) put them in the kitty condo, 2) measure out a dose of Albon, 3) extract a kitten, 4) with my mom holding the kitten, squirt the liquid into its mouth, 5) place kitten back into the condo and repeat...13 times. All the while the babies are hollering to get out of the condo, escaping and wandering the family room and the frantic mamas are trying to drag them back to the kitten room. I'm hurrying, I'm frazzled but...I'm an idiot! I know them all well and can tell everyone by sight, but in all the excitement even I got confused. Especially with the tabbies (see Kitten of the Day below). I had to check their mouths and whiskers to detect telltale signs of medicine so I could determine if that kitten had already been dosed. We will figure out a better system tonight.

Here is today's Kitten of the Day

SpinKitty got yesterday's kitten of the day correct. That was our Allegheny, I call her Ally. She is a tiny girl from the younger litter. Ally is a tortie and has the prettiest markings on her face. Additionally, Ally seems to have longer hair than the others. Poor girl, she always looks a bit disheveled as she hasn't got the grooming down to a science yet. She looks like a litte Ewok baby!

The kitten of the day today wasn't very happy about having its picture taken, but we managed. Now as a hint, remember we have several tabby kittens and each has a subtle distinction. Check back to an early post and you will find a kitten description. I will always make the distinctions visible...so have at it! Here is another look.


  1. Good luck with all the medicating! We're not nearly as skilled. One kitty with a URI was quite the challenge for us last fall (but she also knew how to gag up her meds long after we'd administered them). Hope the kitties are managing their doses as well as can be expected.

  2. Too tired and too late to go looking for today's contest. (But can't wait to find out who you've got there!) Just, awwww... poor Jane! That's got to be rough! Give a big hug to mom for us for helping out! :-)