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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Kitty Taco

First of all, to all of Kittenpalooza's kind followers...my sincere thanks for your notes of encouragement. Yesterday's loss was very tough. I had just been thinking we had made it through the vulnerable period unscathed. I was dreading having to tell you all about losing Sommerset, I thought I had failed at raising the super litter. But this is so NOT about me. What I do is about the amazing little kitten lives that we save to become life long furry companions and friends. In any event, your kind understanding made my fears totally unwarranted. Sommerset was, indeed, a sweet baby girl. Feisty, and independent and very smart. All the characteristics of calico cats...but her agenda in this life was short. I have a great video clip of Sommer wrestling with one of her siblings...I'll post it soon.

Right now I'd like to share the kitty taco with you. This is how we transport groups of kittens from the kitten room to the upstairs family room for some play time.
We will get back to posting the Kitten of the Day soon...we still have a number to go!


  1. ROFL!! Sooo cute! I'll have to remember that for the next litter! Really nice to "meet" you, Jane - at long last a face to go with the lovely lady raising a superbrood! (I know, I tend to shy away from filming myself, too!)

  2. Kitten taco filling! I want to nibble all the tummies & toesies.
    xx Lounge Kat Mommy

  3. That is one tasty taco! We have a variant called the kitty burrito, but that's for administering meds when the legs get out of hand ... not as much fun for the kitties, I'm sure.

  4. Best taco I have seen in a long time!